Looking to perfect your revision technique to ace your exams? Don’t know where to start? Or does nothing seem to stick? We’re here to help!

Take a look at our five favourite revision methods and give something new a go. You can also download and print a copy of our study planner to help you map out your revision.

1. Put pen to paper

The first one seems simple but writing notes by hand stimulates retention as you’re forcing your brain to process the information in more detail. So, going old school and getting out pen & paper is a great way to help you remember those important facts for your exams.

2. Pomodoro your way to a 9

Do you have trouble concentrating when revising? If so the Pomodoro method might be the one for you. It gets you to follow a basic pattern of 25 minutes of studying followed by a five-minute break. If you do four of these in a row you can then have a longer break. It works because you learn better in short bursts, and let’s be honest nobody enjoys hours of punishing unbroken revision.

3. Flashcards the classic winner

Flashcards are a winner for a reason, they’re a tried and tested method which students up and down the country from school to university have been using for years. You can use them to remember words and definitions, facts, quotes and more, but generally smaller chunks of information – be creative use colours, pictures and always put pen to paper.

4. Become the teacher

One of the best ways to cement your learning and test what you know is to teach someone else. The thinking process involved in explaining a topic to someone else is a really effective tool for revision – it will also help you identify gaps in your knowledge or understanding that need more focus too. So, whether it’s your friends, family or an imaginary friend sit them down and become the teacher.

5. Blurt it out

Blurting is a new revision method that has become really popular on TikTok. Basically ‘blurt’ out all the information you know on a chosen topic, doing this repeatedly then engages active recall to help you remember.

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